Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pumpkin Ravioli with Brandy Ginger Cream

Here's a way to dress up store bought fresh pumpkin/butternut squash ravioli. Slice three small onions and start to carmelize in olive oil. Add 5 Tbs candied ginger and 1 cup walnuts until all are browned. Add 1+ cup soy creamer, 1 Tbs non-fat yoghurt, 2 Tbs marscapone, 1 tablespoon pumpkin butter...simmer. Remove from heat and stir in 3 Tbs brandy. Add a 1 Tsp ginger powder and bring back to a simmer. Add salt and pepper to taste. Spoon sauce over ravioli that has been drained and top with grated parmesan. Serves four with six ravioli @ person

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